About Us

Our Story so far

Hello, I’m Liesel and I’m the Founder of The Rebel Crumble. The idea for “The Rebel Crumble” came to fruition after sampling a crumble dish at an event. In the height of a heatwave on a summer’s evening, I realised how comforting it was. I also noticed how many other people thought the same. It reminded me of the warmth and comfort of home and my childhood and growing up with having homemade crumble & custard. My friends and I were quick to comment “Who doesn’t love a crumble”

From that time, the seed had been sown and I decided that one day I wanted to give people the same feeling – comfort & nostalgia. This is something a lot of us crave – right?

My experience of working for food festivals gave me an insight into this world and how much I would like to be part of it from a trader point of view and share to this world my interpretation of contentment.

The Rebel Crumble will be a pop-up food outlet and will be located at one day markets, food festivals and private events. The crumbles will consist of between 3 and 4 difference recipes from the more traditional to alcohol infused. We will also cater for those who are gluten intolerant. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hello, I’m Charlie and I’m the Chef here at The Rebel Crumble. With over 10 years experience, I have learnt my trade within London restaurants before relocating to Cardiff in 2019. Having worked in every aspect of the professional kitchen, from patisserie to sauces.

My  love for the hospitality industry has taken me across the world, from Barbados to Florida. This has allowed me to not only learn the tricks of world-class service known across the world, but also gain experience and knowledge of the front of house side of the business.

I have my own catering business in South Wales, Edmonds & King http://www.edmondsandking.co.uk this is where I also share my passion for food and customer service outside of a restaurant kitchen.

‘The Rebel Crumble.
Comfort & indulgence in every pot!’